The Startup in Residence Northern Netherlands afterglow

Summer is coming to an end and preparations for a new edition of Startup in Residence Northern Netherlands are in full swing. But before we share future plans, let’s look back at the previous season. What are the startups up to? How are the collaborations with the challenge owners and what are the latest developments? Time for a quick catch-up with our alumni!

International attention for Mindhash

Mindhash has benefited greatly from networking during the program. "Through Startup in Residence, StreetAnalytics went from prototype to marketable product in a very short time," says founder Lasse Licht. After the pilot, the province of Fryslân made a purchase request, which they will implement in September. Mindhash is also setting foot across the border; An organization from Milan is interested in their innovative solution! 

oQuay gets the A-OK 

Some good news for oQuay as well! Both the Province of Fryslân and Groningen have agreed to a continuation and the startup is currently busy drawing up a detailed proposal. But the provinces aren’t the only interested parties, according to Peter Nieuwenhuizen: “A Water Board has been watching our progress closely and is also interested in our inspection method.” Startup in Residence has helped take oQuay’s inspection and reporting to the next level. 

The launch of TripService's Mobility Portal

Efficient and healthy travel: the core of the TripService portal. The school term has started and with it the pilot at Campus Groningen. "At the end of October the pilot will come to an end and we hope to proceed to purchase at that point. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management see us as the right party to call on if you want to work with international navigation systems such as Waze, Google Maps, and TomTom!" says Wouter Giesen. 

Activitree active at all the introduction weeks

If you attended the Demo Day in June, you probably already knew about it: the pilot of Activitree at the Hanzehogeschool was cut short. However, the challenge owner was happy to cooperate in marketing the app for student-meetups and Activitree has been anything but idle. "We are now branching out in all major student cities and are present in all student introductory weeks," says founder Moshe Sijben.

EVoltify in full gear

The mobile charging station startup experienced the SiR process as a pressure cooker. EVoltify hopes to scale up faster, armed with those lessons learned. "We have now made an additional proposal to Campus Groningen to start on a small scale on the Campus and further develop our technology together with students. Furthermore, we will start our service in Harlingen!", says Riko Kruit.

Noria plastic propeller in Eemshaven

Noria is in a constant state of development and will be continuing the pilot. "We recently carried out a short pilot and will soon be evaluating the project with Groningen Seaports and also discussing future plans. Additionally, Groningen Seaports was also already attached to another project, Stop Plastic from City to Wadden Sea, where this system will also be used next year," says Rinze de Vries. The startup will also be testing the system in the waters of Leeuwarden this autumn.

The impact of corona on Nibblr

The results of this edition of Startup in Residence North Netherlands surpassed previous editions. Normally, 9 out of 10 startups do not reach a follow-up. Yet the impact of the corona virus also had an adverse effect on the startups. For some startups it led to a postponed pilot, for Yannick Kampschoër it unfortunately meant the end of Nibblr, the social dining app, this summer.

Positive introduction of Zuen&Co at the NG4

The municipality of Leeuwarden has decided to implement Zuen&Co’s innovative solution at two locations. "We are now waiting for a response from the municipality to further test at different locations from our 'dream list'. We are also in talks with several corporates, hotel chains and get to call water company Evides our new customer," said Maarten ter Velde. The startup would love to participate in Startup in Residence again next year.

Managing the water chain differently with Field Factors

For Field Factors, the pilot has continued and a follow-up session is planned in October with stakeholders in the North Netherlands water chain. In the meantime, they have also expanded both the team and the product range. "Through our sessions with the municipality of Groningen during Startup in Residence, we became confident that with  Field Factors we have a solution for the climate problem," says Wilrik Kok. And last but not least, the startup also won the Copenhagen-New York Dual Urban Water Challenge in the Netherlands and Spain!

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