As a startup entrepreneur, you are constantly working on the growth of your company. How do you accelerate it and what will be the next step towards international success? By participating in an accelerator program you work on your company instead of in it. In short, the next step in your adventure towards more innovation, customers and investors. Depending on the phase your startup is currently in Founded in Friesland offers multiple programs.

Startup Readiness Program

Are you ambitious and do you have a startup idea? Do you want to bring a new, innovative product to the market as a (potential) entrepreneur? But are you not sure which market to focus on or who your customers are? A good start is half the battle! The Startup Readiness Program is a ten-week program consisting of four different modules that you can participate in as a startup and that will take you towards the next step to a successful startup. The program consists of group sessions, peer-to-peer, and individual coaching.

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Market Readiness Program

What problem in the market does your startup really solve? For whom is this a problem? These questions are answered during the Market Readiness Program, in which you test all  customer assumptions in ten weeks.  It's a process where we teach you how to have effective customer conversations to learn to think from their perspective. You conduct weekly customer conversations to gain focus on your early adopters within a specific customer segment so that you ultimately successfully prepare a market entry. The program consists of group sessions, peer-to-peer, and individual coaching.

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Investor Readiness Program

How do you prepare a funding round? In the Investor Readiness Program, you will go through ten workshops in three months that will help you grow consistently and increase the fundability of your company.  Through practical assignments you find out if you have a clear picture of who your first customers are, what solution you should offer and how you will make money from this. Have you collected sufficient evidence during the program? Then in the ninth week you will prepare a financing request for a selected number of financiers.

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BeStart Accelerator

Building a climate tech company can take up to ten years. BeStart helps sustainable technology startups built their businesses and accelerate their growth. Thanks to a substantive growth program, a helpful network, access to testing facilities and experienced coaches, you work on the commercialization of your product or service, building your climate tech company of the future, for a more sustainable region!

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There is an ever-growing need for digital health solutions and the continuous advancements in healthcare technology. BOOST Accelerator program is an initiative designed to support innovative ideas and startups that want to transform the future of healthcare using technology and eHealth. BOOST provides access to experts, mentors, investors and partners in the healthcare and technology industries to help build and scale their business.

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