Insights into your growth

Your startup or scale-up is a crucial part of the Dutch innovation power. However, you only generate impact when you grow. Only 16% of startups grow into scale-ups and 95% grow prematurely (Gritd, 2021). This results in a very high burn rate.

Of course we want to prevent that! Therefore we invite you to fill out the consistency scan in just 20 minutes. This scan is based on the different phases of a startup and the associated data. Afterwards we would like to discuss the development of your startup with you. 

On to more insights into your growth!

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A proven method for startup growth

 Consistent behavior accelerates the growth to the next milestone. Through thorough market validation, startups know better what they need to do to capture more market share and grow to the next milestone. Consistently growing startups focus on achieving the next milestone. Therefore, they are growing faster. They need less money to grow. This reduces the risk of failure and gives them a competitive advantage.