Cheers to an inspiring 2022!

We could devote many words to this year, but above all we look forward with you to 2022: a year full of inspiration, great opportunities and a continuation of our pleasant collaboration. We wish you happy holidays and an inspiring new year! 

Curious about the highlights of last year? View the monitor and a number of interesting podcasts and videos with Frisian innovators below.

The impact of startups

The absolute number of startups and scale-ups is relatively small. In contrast, the economic and social impact is considerable! In addition to direct employment, each job created at startups and scaleups generates almost 5 indirect jobs spread across all education levels. Productivity is three times higher and turnover grows four times faster than in SMEs. 

But that's not all: the dynamism of startups and scale-ups stimulates established companies and industries to innovate as well. With startups and scale-ups we are accelerating the transition in areas such as energy, circular economy, healthcare and digitization. We collected all available data of last year to create a clear overview. View below the results within the 2021 Frisian startup ecosystem.

Get inspired

The Frisian ecosystem for startups and scale-ups: what is happening there and who is part of it? What better way to explain it than to show you. Watch our portrait videos of leading Frisian innovators and interesting podcast episodes below. Interested in continuing to watch and listen? The video page and podcast overview are just one click away!