The impact of an ecosystem 

Together with the Frisian startup ecosystem, we're here for entrepreneurial talent, startups and scaleups. Together we're building a sustainable future. We offer support from start to growth. With high-quality startup programmes, we provide knowledge, inspiration and connections with the right partners. Curious for more explanation on the ecosystem and results of last year? Watch the animation video and monitor below.

Startups with impact

The absolute number of startups and scale-ups is relatively small. In contrast, the economic and social impact is considerable:

  • In addition to direct employment, each job created at startups and scaleups generates almost 5 indirect jobs spread across all education levels.
  • Productivity is three times higher.
  • The turnover grows four times faster than in SMEs.

But that's not all: the dynamism of startups and scale-ups stimulates established companies and industries to innovate as well. With startups and scale-ups we are accelerating the transition in areas such as energy, circular economy, healthcare and digitization. We collected all available data of last year to create a clear overview. View below the results within the 2021 Frisian startup ecosystem.