These are the Northern Dutch startups joining Slush 2022 part 2

In about a week from now, a delegation of no less than 10 Northern Dutch startups will be traveling to the world’s leading startup event in Helsinki, Finland. On November 17 and 18, Slush will bring together 4,600 startup founders and operators, accompanied by 2,600 investors, representing €1 trillion in assets under management.

Since 10 startups is a pretty impressive amount, this is the final part of a two-part series of articles. If you missed the first one, take a look here. And without further ado, let’s get to know the last five joining the delegation!


Enatom is the anatomy atlas of the future. A unique combination of 3D photorealistic anatomy and cutting-edge visualization technology takes the study of human anatomy to the next level. Using outstanding anatomical and technical craftsmanship, and with the utmost respect for the human body, the visualization of real human anatomy has been revolutionized.  

Founded by Stefan Vogelzang, Fabian Debats, Bastiaan Hofsteenge and our very own Lusanne Tehupuring, it all started a couple of years ago when the head of Anatomy of UMCG, Janniko Georgiadis approached Stefan and Fabian if their technology was also capable of visualizing the human body. As the dissection room has limited access for students and professionals Enatom could give more people virtual access to the dissection room. What are they looking forward to? “Joining Slush with a great group of likeminded Dutch entrepreneurs, of course. And to make people aware that Enatom is there and meet potential future investors.”

Aletta Solutions

Aletta Solutions, is an early phase, SaaS, B2B startup in the fields of AI and Healthcare. At The company wants engage patients through technology and optimize data capture for researchers in order to advance clinical trials. For that, they offer Alva, an AI-powered conversational agent that makes data collection more engaging for patients in clinical trials. With Alva, patients receive a human-like interaction and feel more motivated to remain in clinical studies. They then process the data collected and extract valuable features from the data for our customers. 

Founders Fennie van der Graaf, Alexandra Matei and Naila Loudini came up with the idea during an entrepreneurship competition at their university. What is their main reason to join Slush2022? “To network with stakeholders- potential investors, regulators, potential partners, and other startups like us. Our motivation to network with potential investors is that we are looking to raise our pre-seed external equity investment. Regulators and potential partners would be important connections for us to conduct healthcare pilot studies. We also find it important to connect with other entrepreneurs in our fields, to support our decision-making.” 


Software is eating the world. At the same time, the way we interact with this software (with our keyboards) has not changed notably since the typewriter. Naya Create wants to change this by introducing the all-in-one keyboard. 

Founders Moritz Angermann, Tom Theuer and Niclas Bertelsen came up with their idea through experiencing the ineffectiveness and unergonomic design of today’s solutions and keyboards. What are they hoping to get out of Slush? “Meeting driven and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and investors looking to change the world through tech. And we’re also scouting for investors and networking opportunities.” 


Why does one person need 2 tons of steel to move from A to B? Carver is a mobility solution that combines the comfort of a car with the agility and efficiency of a motorcycle. With the iconic design and patented tilting technology we make it possible for everyone to drive faster, cleaner and more economical from A to B.  

General Manager Giel Franken is looking to take full advantage of the trip to Helsinki. “We want to utilize the opportunity to reach a large group of investors in a short period of time. And we’re really looking forward to network with and learn from other founders and introduce the company to investors.”


Leeuwarden based startup Aeroscan focuses on the development of robotics, AI & software solutions for property management. The company wants to provide a solution to more efficiently perform inspection and quality control within construction and real estate organizations. 

Founder Mark Nicolai came up with the idea for Aeroscan while trying to solve a problem in another sector. He’s mostly looking forward to experiencing one of the world’s biggest startup events. “And also learning how to best fund our scale-up plans and develop our company.”