Being an entrepreneur is about generating impact. You make your own decisions and decide what your day will look like. You can change the world with your innovative idea. 

Now is the time to discover what entrepreneurship has to offer. Founded in Friesland challenges you to experience what it means to have your own startup.

Not ready to be an entrepreneur yet? No worries! Check out which startups and innovative companies are in need of your talents.

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With the inspiration program, we’ll guide you through your entrepreneurial journey from start to startup. We’ll let you experience firsthand what it’s like to become an entrepreneur.

By joining our events, you’ll meet all the right partners and the first step towards your own startup will be closer than ever.

Be inspired, meet ambitious people and discover your talent. Check our events!


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The minor entrepreneurship 

Anna Vellinga

Workspace for your startup

Lennard Drogendijk

Student startup competition

Leonie van Ark
NHL Stenden

Center for Entrepreneurship

Rasheed Sewnandan

Het Knooppunt

Syanna Cuperus

The student life organization

Carin van der Meij