Customer Discovery Bootcamp

In only two months’ time you are going to discover your perfect customer! In four workshops, which take place in the evenings, you will zoom in on your potential customer: do you have a clear customer segment that feels ‘the’ pain, do you offer them the best solution and above all are they willing to give you a commitment on buying at the right price? Business developers from Founded in Friesland and Inqubator Leeuwarden will guide you through this journey. The next edition of Customer Discovery Bootcamp starts soon.

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Zoom in on your business

During the first part of Customer Discovery Bootcamp you zoom in on your own business. You set goals and find out what stage your startup is in and how you can continue to develop. Then you take the step towards your customer. What problem or pain of the customer do you solve?

The perfect fit with your client

In part two of Customer Discovery Bootcamp, you'll interact with your potential customer. Is your innovation the best solution for your customer's needs? And how do you create commitment with your customers so that they become convinced of your product? You will dive deeper into this subject. Then it's time to toast your goals and progress together with the other entrepreneurs!