Entrepreneur Mentoring Service

About the programme

What is the EMS program?
In 2017, the Innovation Pact Friesland started a group mentoring program, based on the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) mentoring program from Boston. The MIT Venture Monitoring Program is a proven and powerful motor to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, by connecting both new and experienced entrepreneurs with a team a volunteer mentors with a strong track record.  The tightly designed and completely transparent program is based on group mentoring, in which a team of mentors use sessions to find answers to the questions of the entrepreneur, in order to increase the impact of the company.

This may for example concern existing SMEs and promising startups with a clearly stated desire for growth. We are looking for Frisian entrepreneurs who can make a difference for Friesland in the future, who contribute to the level of innovation and provide employment.

How does the EMS program work?
The EMS program is well-defined and provides clarity to both mentors and mentees. Entrepreneurs admitted to the program will be assigned a group of 2 or 3 mentors who best suit the needs of the entrepreneur. Companies can set up a meeting with their mentors every month.

The entrepreneur does not get to choose his own mentors. In the course of the mentoring process, the composition of the group of mentors can change according to the needs of the entrepreneur. EMS concerns mentoring of the entrepreneur. The mentors listen to the entrepreneur and talk to him or her about strategic issues within the company, for example in the field of market expansion, optimizing internal business operations, internationalization or business succession.

How can I join the program?
The program is free of charge for entrepreneurs, but not free of obligation. Mentors donate their valuable time for free, so we ask participating entrepreneurs to prepare their sessions well.

After completing the registration form, a mentor will deliberate with the entrepreneur to see whether the program can provide support in the field of strategic mentoring. During the admission phase, some things that will be determined are the extent of the entrepreneur's ambition, whether the company is scalable and whether it will greatly benefit employment opportunities in the future.