Friese Innovatiemiddag

With great enthusiasm we would like to invite you to the so-called Innovation afternoon  on the 22nd of April, 2022 at Campus Fryslân.

We can finally meet again in person, and therefore this afternoon will be all about connecting. Campus Fryslân's talent actively engages in dialogue with sustainable business communities in the region, including innovative climate tech startups. 

ou will receive an update from Founded in Friesland about the Frisian startup ecosystem and Dorp will share more about the various sustainable innovations that the Villagers have worked on. BeStart's startups and scale-ups will tell you where they stand with their innovations and how you can help them grow. Innofest shows how Frisian festivals can contribute to bringing innovations from the north of the Netherlands to the market more quickly and Inno-Quarter has a wonderful handbook that they are happy to share with you. Circular Friesland shows what circular leaders in the region are doing and what help they seek from you.