What does working at Yobbers feel like?

During my studies, I had the ambition to study abroad for a while. I enrolled for a minor in Asia and would embark on the adventure in early 2021. When Covid came around the corner, the borders with Asia were closed and the minor was facilitated digitally. Through my team leader at Deloitte, where I was an intern at the time, I got in touch with Gijs Kingma from Yobbers. A company with a team that, like me, believes in the value of discovering the world. ‘Inspiring people to discover the world’ In addition, the young and ambitious team, and the chance to develop myself at a high pace, also appealed to me. I decided to follow my digital minor from Spain, a decision that Yobbers supported. And now, as a 24-year-old, I have already been living in Barcelona for a while!

Taking on more responsibility

"In February 2021, in my third year of study, I started as a working student at Yobbers. Initially, only to do the financial administration. As the end of my studies approached, I was given more and more trust by the founders Casper Lemmen and Gijs Kingma, and soon more responsibility came with it. Earlier this year, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Finance & Control and since then, I have been working full-time in the Yobbers team where I focus on everything related to finance and controlling," Daan says.

What gives me energy?

Before starting at Yobbers, Daan had no experience working within a startup. He thought that many roles would be (too) broad and as a result, would lack depth in a specific field. "I expected to need that depth, but I have found out that that's not the case. Furthermore, I have discovered that I can find that depth in other ways, for example by exchanging ideas with experienced professionals. My broad role ensures that I have the opportunity to discover what gives me energy, what I am good at, and where I can still develop myself a lot!" 

Today's startups are tomorrow's scale-ups."

Daan groenyobbers

Rapid growth

He continues: "Something that I am reading more and more about, is the drive that people have to make an impact. Impact on society, impact on a company, impact on customers, call it what you will. In a startup, you can make a big impact because you often have a broader role. In addition, the startup world is full of talent and there is often a growth mindset. Today's startups are tomorrow's scale-ups. With the amount of opportunities for growth, startups have the future! Last year, Yobbers proved itself again with over 60% revenue growth. We are going to expand the working formula and grow rapidly to inspire thousands of people to work for one of our customers abroad. By 2025, we want to help more than eight thousand people to start their international adventure. This means that we aim for a revenue of 25 million euros in 2025."

"When we tell Daan that he can dream and ask where he sees himself in 5 years, his answer is clear: "In five years, I have made a big step forward in my leadership and people skills, because I see that these are becoming increasingly important. I see a grown-up version of myself who is still just as driven and who has not shied away from any challenge. But also someone who is five years richer in life experience than I am now. I'm keeping the specific details of that version of myself open!" 

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