Meet the SiR NNL selection

Out of a total of 43 registrations, 9 startups were selected to participate in the first edition of Startup in Residence Noord Nederland. Last Thursday they presented their ideas during a virtual kick-off event and over the next six months they’ll work on realizing their innovative plans.

SiR kick-off

Startup in Residence offers startups the opportunity to actively collaborate for six months with the municipalities of Leeuwarden, Groningen, Assen and Emmen, the Hanzehogeschool and Noorderpoort, Groningen Seaports, Campus Groningen and partners, and the Provinces of Friesland and Groningen. During the program the entrepreneurs receive support and guidance from professional coaches to further develop their idea and prototype into a good product. The final solutions can also be purchased by the parties at the end of the program.



In the Netherlands, the incentive to use tap water sparingly is low; there is a feeling of infinity and the costs are relatively negligible. With this in mind, Zuen&Co has teamed up with a Swedish company to create this awareness. With water-saving heads that have to fit almost all taps in the Netherlands, we save 85% per water jet.



The communal eating platform Nibblr helps users to share meals and eat together with other people from the neighbourhood. For Startup In Residence, they’re working on a solution to facilitate meetings between residents of Campus Groningen and to create a 'Red Carpet' effect so that the Campus becomes attractive for new talent to settle.



Activitree is on a mission to bring more people together, with a youth-oriented app to combat loneliness. More and more research from various schools shows that there is a high degree of loneliness among this target group. Because everyone can organize activities themselves, the platform works autonomously and connects people to what is already there in the city. Think for example of places where you can do activities, associations, organizations or people who organize activities themselves. The emphasis is on small-scale activities, with the result that people feel at home and want to stay, because they feel connected to the communities they create with Activitree.  



TripService wants to make sure that every commuter gets the right travel information. This is because they themselves also have experienced just how annoying it is when your navigation or other systems don't provide the right information. They also want to make travelers more conscious of the differences in modalities and the consequence of a modality choice. With the Mobility Portal TripService ensures that the experience of the journey is improved. 



Noria is working on sustainable, affordable solutions to the plastic waste problem in inland waters; from the city to the sea. For this purpose, they map out the locations where plastic can be collected, remove it from the water with their energy-efficient and fish-friendly systems and then process the plastic into new products. As part of the Startup in Residence program, they and Groningen Seaports will test one of their systems, the CanalCleaner, in the harbor area.


Field Factors

Under the name Bluebloqs, Field Factors provides water treatment systems for urban climate challenges, with special attention to spatial quality and with the vision to restore the natural water cycle in the city. The startup is a Dutch supplier of water technology solutions, founded in 2016, in Delft. Bluebloqs is an innovative solution for decentralized water management, water purification and supply. With Bluebloqs you can purify rainwater and store it underground, so you can use it later for irrigation, toilet flushing or as fire extinguishing water. 



EVoltify was founded to end the range anxiety of EV drivers. They make charging electric cars easy and simple. Searching for an available charging station is a thing of the past, because after you have parked your car, you let them know via the app where you are and that your car needs to be charged. EVoltify takes care of the rest. With the mobile EV chargers they can charge your car whenever and wherever you want. EVoltify brings the charging station to the car instead of the car to the charging station!



oQuay carries out inspections of hydraulic structures. They inspect both above and below the waterline with innovative techniques such as video mapping and imaging sonar. With this, they want to provide their clients with the best possible insight into the technical condition and thus help them strive for well-functioning and safely usable hydraulic structures, at minimal social costs. In the coming months they will work on defect recognition by A.I. The wish list also includes the integration of sensors such as scanning and radar. 



Mindhash is a startup that helps companies with short-cycle innovation projects. These projects are in the field of both hardware and software. For Startup in Residence Northern Netherlands, Mindhash will work on the development of TrafficSense. TrafficSense can analyze a certain stretch of road, such as an intersection, during seven days. The obtained data will be used to gain more insight into traffic with the aim of reducing traffic fatalities among cyclists.