Jules Morssink's experiences at Aeroscan

When Jules decided to obtain his drone license in 2020, he came into contact with Aeroscan for the first time. During the practical days of the course, he spoke with one of the instructors, who was also a former employee of Aeroscan. "She told me that they were still looking for people like me! The next day, I called right away and was able to come in for an interview quickly. I immediately noticed that I liked Aeroscan as a company with a promising future and a team of driven young people. The company's vision and the steps that had already been taken also greatly appealed to me."

Valuable learning experiences

Jules has now been working at Aeroscan for about 2.5 years, and he enjoys it very much. "I have to admit that before I started working at Aeroscan, I thought that startups make a lot of mistakes, but I have come to realize that these are not mistakes but valuable learning experiences. Because you evaluate what you have done and therefore know what to do differently next time. Our work is not only about flying drones, but also about creating detailed datasets. In the 2.5 years that I have been working here, we have used quite a few different methods and sensors. Almost every month, we come up with something new that makes our end product even better."

I was given the opportunity to obtain a certificate to be able to fly our largest UAV."

Jules morssinkaeroscan

Startups are the future 

"One of our goals is to digitize a large part of all real estate in the Netherlands. I only see Aeroscan growing and I certainly think we will achieve this," says Jules, who believes that startups are the future. "These companies are often made up of very passionate people who are 100% committed to their ideas and work very hard for them."

When we ask Jules about his most informative and memorable moment at Aeroscan, he responds, "Something that certainly sticks with me is the moment I was given the opportunity to obtain a certificate to be able to fly our largest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). For this, I spent three days in Belgium to take my theory and practical exams, both of which I passed on the first try, and it really gave me a kick! If I may dream, I see myself still doing what I enjoy and makes me happy every day in five years."