Founded News #7

We will guide you through the latest news of the Frisian ecosystem for startups and scale-ups. At a glance you will find the highlights of last week!

Ons ecosysteem

Hydraloop wins MT/Sprout Challenger50 Award and is ‘fully funded’

Last Tuesday, water saver Hydraloop, company of Arthur Valkieser and Sabine Stuiver, was named the most challenging company in the Netherlands. The jury's conclusion was: "These entrepreneurs are tackling a world problem of phenomenal proportions". The title means a lot to Hydraloop. Stuiver confirms: "This feels like recognition for what we do. This visibility is so important when you have a totally new product". Read the full interview here. This week Hydraloop shared even more groundbreaking news. With financial injections from Rabobank and Niverplast of 'more than a few million', Hydraloop is ready to make water use more sustainable worldwide.


Frisian startups in JOP finals

Next Thursday is the day; Frisian startups SusPhos and Elzinga van der Krieke will be in the finals of the Jonge Ondernemersprijs together with Tweedekans/Remarketed. An attractive prize pool is at stake: a master class worth 4,000 euros, advertisements at NoordZ, an advisory project at Flinc and a year's membership at JNO. You can watch the finals live on 26 November from 20:30 via this link.


Watch tip: BeStart DemoDay pitches

Last Monday the BeStart DemoDay took place. With a large audience, strong pitches and valuable tips from the network, it was a successful afternoon. Check out the pitch videos of the BeStart line-up here and support them with your tips!


Participants CES 2021 announced

During the next edition of the most influential technology fair in the world, three Frisian start-ups will be represented from the Dutch RVO trade mission. Carver, Hydraloop and will be present during the All-Digital event focusing on Smart Cities & Smart Mobility and Telecom/5G, IoT, Photonics & NanoTech. Click here to see who else is participating in CES 2021.


Events about capital, fairchain and IoT

Again we will list relevant days and events for you. Complete your agenda for next week with these events!

• 20 November: Day of the Entrepreneur. Hooray for entrepreneurs! In the Netherlands, 1.5 million entrepreneurs contribute daily to growth, jobs and prosperity. Day of the Entrepreneur is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

• 24 November: Founder Talks | Capital. During this podcast of Founded in Groningen and 20voor12, Evelien Bouma will discuss funding, investors and their company with three guests (including Thomas Mensink of Golden Egg Check). Tune in from 19:30!

• 24 November: Avondcollege Impact Noord. During this evening lecture Guido van Staveren van Dijk will tell you all about how he wants to make the coffee chain worldwide more sustainable, fairer and eliminate slavery.

• 26 November: T-Mobile webinar ‘Connecting everyday things with IoT’. How can you, as an entrepreneur, connect everyday things, such as paper and a radiator valve, to IoT? Three experts, including Niels Postma from, take you along in their approach.