Founded News #4

We will guide you through the latest news of the Frisian ecosystem for startups and scale-ups. At a glance you will find the highlights of last week!

Ons ecosysteem

Pitches started at Startup in Residence 

This week the presentations of startups at Startup in Residence are in full progress. Who will continue in the program? That's what we are told on the 18th of November. You can read more about SiR and program manager Liselotte here.

Start-ups raise more funding

The impact of the corona crisis on investments appears to be limited, according to Golden Egg Check analyst Thomas Mensink. Dutch start-ups raised more money in the third quarter than a year ago. Read more about the figures and the reason why here.

Record of European growth funding

Europe overall also picks up a lot of investments. This year it is a record! Despite the corona crisis, European tech companies are expected to raise more than €37 billion in venture capital this year.

Founded in Groningen launches new website

Founded in Friesland joined forces with its eastern neighbors in Groningen. That was already well known. But the launch of Founded in Friesland does not only include a new site of its own, but also a new platform for Founded in Groningen! Both drivers of the ecosystem now appear in a consistent guise.